Seamus Golf creates hand-forged Gibson Les Paul Guitar for Simmons Bank Open

Seamus Golf creates hand-forged Gibson Les Paul Guitar for Simmons Bank Open

PORTLAND, Ore. May 4, 2021– Seamus Golf, makers of handcrafted and Hand Forged® golf accessories, is no stranger to a creative challenge. The Beaverton, Oregon-based company known for its distinctive and meticulously hand made products for golfers and their lifestyles, makes each of its signature woolen headcovers, golf bags and Hand Forged accessories to-order for customers and golf clubs around the globe. When Seamus Golf is tapped to design something extra special such as a golf bag for a goat caddie, the captain’s gift for the 2019 Presidents Cup or memorabilia for the U.S. Open, or the team welcomes the opportunity. The company has collaborated with leading brands including BMW, Callaway and Nike and others on special projects.  

So, when Seamus Golf was approached by Mike Hammontree, V.P. of External Operations for the Tennessee Golf Foundation and Tournament Director of the Simmons Bank Open with a “rad trophy idea”, no one batted an eye. Traditionally, the event winner’s trophy is guitar with a simple plaque attached but Hammontree had seen Seamus Golf’s work and knew they were capable of making something beyond special.

“With the tournament being in Nashville, also the home to Gibson’s electric guitar factory, it seemed only logical to try and collaborate,” said Matt Hauth, of Seamus Golf. “We all agreed to shoot for the moon and see if we could get approval to design and craft a trophy in the iconic Gibson Les Paul silhouette. When Gibson gave us the green light and even sent us a special edition Les Paul guitar to work with, we knew we had to do the brand and this event justice with the opportunity.”

Seamus Golf designed a one-of-a-kind, Hand Forged® Gibson Les Paul guitar trophy for the 2021 Simmons Bank Open. The guitar is made of blackened steel with bronze accents. It has over 80 unique parts and design features that were all custom made. 

The entire guitar with the exception of the strings and tuning keys was hand-forged by heating metal to approximately 2,200 degrees then shaped using the most ancient tools of the craft: hammers, chisels, punches and the hand of Seamus Golf’s second-generation blacksmith. Custom tools and dies were also made in order to forge some of the parts. The full-size Les Paul replica is removable and rests in a steel and bronze stand attached to a custom-made mahogany base. The guitar weighs approximately 40 pounds. The winner of the 2021 Simmons Bank Open will have his name hand-stamped on the perpetual base of the trophy.

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About SEAMUS Golf

SEAMUS Golf is a craft maker of fine goods for the enthusiast golfer including its signature golf head covers hand cut and sewn in Oregon, USA using premium wool from Scotland.  Featured in some of the finest golf shops in the world., including Bandon Dunes, Streamsong, Sand Valley, Pinehurst and many more. SEAMUS is named after the family Irish Terrier and was founded in 2011 by married couple Megan and Akbar Chisti.

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